the montage

2012 showreel of design direction and motion graphics.

PRODUCERS: Dei El Ayoubi, Ujin Lee, Al Weekes & Tony Whittaker | DOPs: Lachlan Milne, Peter A. Holland, Ujin Lee, Matt Gormly

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nyc 1978

This interactive collection of poems, lyrics, and stories pays tribute to the singers and poets who, in Lower East Side cafes, transformed contemporary literature.


the lion & the deer man

I illustrated a mystic journey to accompany singer Tanya Horo's modern fairy tale.


opening titles sequences

Title sequences created while working as a design director for Arena TV and The Lifestyle Channel, Australia (2006-2009)

PRODUCERS: Ujin Lee, Al Weekes | DOP for Arena Style: Lachlan Milne


Miscellaneous ilustrations


motion graphics

Award-winning promos for Australian Network Television.

Top, This memorial documentary's emotional impact came from a strong soundscape and photographs taken by the witnesses of 9/11. Bottom, an alternative approach to promoting "Project Runway," appealed to Arena's artistic viewers.

PRODUCERS: Kim Sawert, Al Weekes | sound: Plasma

motion graphics reel

2008 showreel of motion graphics and branding for Arena TV, Australia.

PRODUCERS: Ujin Lee, Al Weekes

Higher Learning

Currently enrolled in interactive media at Pratt Institute, I am enjoying the opportunity to play, work, and learn.

LEFT: logo treatment

Dogtown Presents: AWAKE?

Bruce the Pug, Crosby & Grif get a wake-up call from Dr. Moon.

VOICE ACTORS: Mike Noonan & Cory Ness

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i LOVE food

Lifestyle FOOD Channel Idents

I concieved, designed, and directed the award-winning “I LOVE FOOD” campaign for Lifestyle FOOD Channel, Australia, a campaign which expanded their brand viewership, inspired spin-offs, and endured 6 years.

TOP: A baby demonstrates our innate love of food on a ride through the grocery store aisles BOTTOM: a sunny picnic is a time to commune with friends over food

PRODUCER: Dei El Ayoubi | DOP: Matt Gormly